Saturday, May 20, 2006

Early morning yarn sale!

Voila! My haul from the Knitorious stash reduction sidewalk sale! At the top is some handspun that Rachel made, and then below is some tiger striped sock yarn that my sister has claimed already. I've had it home for maybe four hours and already she wants it. I will make her some socks, all tiger-stripey.
The handspun will probably become a hat (big surprise) for me, because I need another hat like I need a hole in my head. Actually, it wouldn't be a big problem if I had a hole in my head, you'd never see it, what with all the hats.
This one is the whole kit and kibboodle, everything I bought. On the upper right is some lovely coredale white handspun. Just below it is some bright soft orange wool that I can't stop touching, and on the bottom left are two skeins of white Merino. Sam, who I forgot to ask for a last name or if he had a website, made this. I bought four skeins of the coredale, and I think I'm going to dye it and make a shrug. I'm going to measure it tonight and see how much I've got. The whole time I was photographing the yarn, Annie was sitting on the couch looking up "" and "" and "" and being very upset when she found out they were all porn sites. Poor kid, she doesn't have internet at home, and she stays with the folks when she's in St. Louis, and they don't have it either, so Annie only gets to use the internet at my place while she's here. In this actual photo she's saying "I can't believe I never looked up "" before!"


Blogger Ann said...

Ok. I must have just missed you at Knitorious. I came home with Lorna's Laces rather than any stash reduction stuff, but what fun! And also?! That Annie is not me. (I already knew that is a porn site -- [smile])

7:16 PM  

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