Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Avast ye scalawags! Swab that poop deck on the double or I'll have you walkin' thar plank!

Happy "talk like a pirate day" everybody. This is the closest I've come to a self-portrait Tuesday in a while, but it is not quite perfect. this is a portrait of me, but it is not a self-portrait, and it was not taken today. I apologize for falling out of the loop on this part of my blog and I will make an honest effort to get things organized and back on track from now on.
I feel like myself today, as opposed to the last few weeks when I felt mostly like a big, exhausted, queasy lump. I have now entered my second trimester, so maybe this is the big plateau of happiness everyone has been yacking about.
I promise knitting posts soon, keep yer trousers on ye land lubbers!


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