Friday, April 03, 2009

On turning two...

Tomorrow is Mr. Sprout's second birthday. Festivities are planned, nothing major, just family and a few close friends for food and drinks in the afternoon. 
While I'm getting ready for the party, I'm thinking about what I was doing two years ago today. I remember being very uncomfortable. I had been very uncomfortable for about two weeks. I remember telling Rosemary that I wasn't going to let this baby make me wait much longer. I remember Rosemary laughing at me. I was a little scared, very excited and anxious to meet our baby. I kinda thought we were getting a girl.
I remember checking into the hospital. I remember the snotty nurse I sent away, and the looks on Mom and Kate's faces when I did.
I also think I remember Matt eating dinner, like three times.
I wish I would have expressed more thanks to Jen, our labor and delivery nurse, who gave up baseball tickets that night, and settled for watching the game on television with us while I contracted. She was so sweet, and made it seem that she really didn't mind missing the game, like she wanted to spend what was supposed to be her night off with us. A true professional, she made me feel like one of the most important nights in my life was one of the most important ones in hers, too.
The pain of labor, the stress of birth, the excitement, the joy, the blah blah blah. I mostly remember Matt and Kate's eyes and mouths, round and getting rounder when I pushed the final time, and my son was here.
I remember my mother, with me through it all. She took his first pictures and didn't leave his side. I swear to you, he KNEW her from minute one.
I remember everyone who came to meet him in the hospital, and visited us at home, dealing with the jaundice and that stupid bilibed. I was so confused, because every fiber of my body was telling me to hold and nurse Sprout, but the doctor said he had to stay in that stupid contraption for 8 to 12 hours a day.  I ached to hold my son. I remember Shawna asking me why I was doubting myself. She looked me straight in the eye and told me to go with my instincts. Because of that I will always trust hers.
His first birthday was everything it was supposed to be. He got a bike. He ate cake naked. He fell asleep shortly afterward.
I hope he has fun tomorrow. I've had the most amazing two years of my life.
Now I gotta go finish cleaning the damn house.


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Happy birthday little man!!

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