Thursday, May 26, 2005

two days off

Yesterday I went to Rock Star Rags with the BBh crew and a bunch of kids from Duff's too. Toni and I bought twenty eight pounds of vintage wedding dresses. We went to Crown Candy Kitchen for lunch and I for some reason thought it would be a good idea to have a chocolate malt and a grilled cheese sandwich. I should know better. My system cannot handle that much dairy all at once anymore now that the gall bladder is out. I was burping all night.
Toni and I spent several hours ripping out the seams of those dresses, hand washing them in woolite and oxyclean in the bathtub and sneezing our heads off from all the dust. Most of the fabric is in good shape. We are going to iron it out tonight and start cutting for quilts next week.
I had Naomi today, she took a four hour nap. I swear, that was the eaisiest babysitting job I've ever had.
Monica was supposed to do my hair today, but she never called me back. Urg.
I've finally decided what to do with the mermaid yarn I bought in San Francisco. I made up a really simple hat pattern and I'm planning on starting the knitting tonight. It's just a little square cap with a simple cable pattern and tassels on the corners. I saw something similar in a knitting book at some giant bookstore, but I could not justify spending fourteen bucks on a book for just one pattern. Stop looking so shocked. I do not buy every single book that crosses my path. Just every other one.
My cousin Ang just called and said she's coming to St. Louis this weekend for a Cardinals game. I'll get to see her for lunch. Happiness.


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