Sunday, May 29, 2005

saturday saturday

I worked a split double today and man, was it ever dead! I'm thinking everyone was downtown at the ribfest (who wouldn't be?) and therefore not in The Loop.
I went to Star Clipper in between my shifts, got the newest Seikano manga and headed out to Jill's. I gave Sara her birthday present (giant-headed Inuyasha doll, she loved it. I will never understand grown women who collect stuffed animals, but I guess to each her own.) and played with the boys for a while, then I went back to work.
My barfood shift was looking fairly grim when several highly entertaining folks showed up to keep me company. Over the course of three hours I had a slightly tipsy Drew Bell, Lauren, a freshly pierced Emily, John G., Kimmie, Glenna and many drunken hungry types at my beck and call. After the shift ended I sat outside with Diana and April talking about April's wedding plans and Diana and James' upcoming trip to San Francisco. I miss April being at the comic shop. I wish I got to see more of her.
I should "hit the hay" as Daddy would say, I've got Brunch tomorrow.


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