Friday, May 27, 2005

How does your garden grow?

Big Herbs and Lettuces
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Quite well thank you. My cherry tomato plants are 27 inches tall! The lettuces have to be spread out because they need more room, the poor things are getting crowded. Everything seems to be thriving in this weather. I am still worried about too much shade in the yard. I may have to do some pruning myself.
Matt is leaving for a week in Chicago tomorrow morning at 4:30 am. He's going up to spend time with his sister, my sister, Joe and a bunch of English futbol players. He has tickets to the game, he's not really going to hang out with them or anything. This is the second time he's gone to Chicago to see a futbol (remember: only Americans call it soccer!) game. Matt is not the type of guy who is into sports. I usually have to explain what's going on at the baseball game to him, so this is a strange pheonomenon, this business of becoming a futbol fan. I know it's mostly Joe's influence, and I love Joe, so no harm done or anything, but it is just freaking me out a little.
Joe apparently, is having a blast up in Chicago, what with the guest-artist spot at a tattoo parlor in Joliet. I'm happy for him, I think getting out of St. Louis is the best thing for him right now, but I mean, yeesh- Joliet? It can get a bit depressing out in the suburbs. I hope Matt drags him around Chicago Proper. I hope Matt brings me back some comics!!
Enough about the boys, I'm going to have a nice relaxing time while Matt is gone. I plan to attend two barbecues and work as much as I can. I will also spend time with Jill and Sara and the boys. I will catch up on sleep and throw my socks on the floor.
Oh yeah, one other thing. Matt is taking the camera with him on vacation with him, so no decent photos for a while.
Whew! Longest post ever!!


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