Wednesday, April 05, 2006

An evening of enchiladas and accordions.

Wednesdays are usually my only "down days" during the week. I don't work and I don't have derby practice. This doesn't mean that I sit around on my behind on Wednesdays. I usually have to go to at least one bank, take the recycling, shop, pay bills, answer email, and try to see at least one of my non-derby pals.
This week I managed to get together with Toni in the afternoon. We made biscotti and chatted for a bit. I also went out to dinner with a whole gaggle of non-derby folk. (For all the awesome derby girls who read my blog, this is not intended as a slight on you all. You know how much I love you. I tell you four times a week. My other friends don't. I never see them, and when I do, I only talk about you all.) Glenna organized a dinner date at Las Palmas in NoCo, by the airport. I had delicious enchiladas and a mango Jaritos sodapop. Paul, Joe, Kate and Matt were also in attendance. Matt ate too much and had to go home early. Kate and I then went to the Creepy Crawl to see Gogol Bordello.
I realized that I won't go to the Creepy Crawl unless the band that is playing speaks English as a second language. No, really. The last show I went to there was Guitar Wolf.
So now, after 17 years of smashing my head on the punk rock, I have finally determined my favorite genre. I like my punk best mixed with any kind of folk music. The Pogues and Flogging Molly come to mind immediately, but Gogol Bordello takes the accordion to new heights. Gypsy punk changed my life forever, and now that I have seen them live, I can't help formulating other folk-punk-fusion genres in my head. How about sitar-speed-metal, pop-punk-polka, or Inca-flute-emo? I may be getting carried away actually, that last one was truly a bad idea. But seriously, Gogol Bordello put on a great show, I danced til they kicked us out. I wish I had had enough cash for a "start wearing purple" t-shirt. I think the future of punk has arrived, at last. And all that creepy Norwegian death metal does not qualify.


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