Tuesday, April 04, 2006

getting used to daylight savings time

I'm thrilled that it's six forty five and the sun is still out. I hate winter because of all the stupid excessive-sleep-causing, lack-of-sun-provided-vitamin-deficiency baloney. Bleah. I feel like it is finally time to shake all that off me. I had lunch in the park today, sat in the sun and smelled the grass. It was strange. In a nice way.
I've been all out of sorts from this past weekend. I worked a ton of doubles and then went to a wake and a baby shower. All this celebration of lives past and future has really put me in a contemplative metaphysical sort of mood. Hooray for Spring and all that Jazz. I am finally organized as best I can be as far as the Derby side of my life goes. Work on the house is moving along nicely. Matt is going to turn over the soil in the yard tomorrow. I'm getting ready for garden planting.
Of course, I feel great. I sit down at the magic answer box (the computer), wearing my FINISHED SOCKS and decide to get going on the ARRG forums. Poof. They hate me. They refuse to let me in. They won't even acknowledge that I exist. I am heartbroken. I started this league. I'm the dictator. I am going to cry I feel so rejected. I pull it together and shoot an email to the administrator. He starts tweaking things. I realize that I take stuff too seriously. I really don't care if the ARRG website doesn't think I exist.
When I'm in the middle of this sort of mood I need to stick to reading knitting blogs. It's safer.


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