Wednesday, October 03, 2007

knitting news...

...but no pictures. Sorry. Didn't have time to take any.

#1 I have finally found a baby sweater pattern that I love for the awesome "Toxic Avenger" Sock yarn Rachel made. Thanks to Sandy at Knitorious, I am well on my way into a charming, no-frills, manly cardigan for the Sprout.

#2 Toni's green socks are almost half finished. These are the socks formerly known as "vacation socks" being that I started them in August on my Florida vacation. They are very pretty and will make Toni very happy. I will not suffer from "second sock syndrome" with this pair, I swear.

#3 My mom has claimed the regia self-stripers that ARE suffering from "second sock syndrome," pushing me to finish them, since it is a tragedy that my beloved mother doesn't have a pair of hand knit socks.

#4 I plan to spend tomorrow afternoon assessing what I have and what I need to finish Lizard Ridge. I mean, the boy will be six months old tomorrow, and though he has several handmade blankets, the one his mother started for him should really be completed before his first birthday. Really.

#5 I really need to get a move on with those daffodil toe-ups. Don't ask.

That's all.