Monday, May 30, 2005

in response...

Last night Dad and I were talking about my blog. He feels that:
a. my spelling needs help (Spelling has never been my strong point. I do check things before I post them, but I use what he considers "un-words" like "gonna" and "kinda"),
b. that my grammar is poor (I have friends who call me "the grammar girl" and beg me to edit their papers), and
c. that I use too much profanity. This I could not dismiss with a one-sentance retaliation. I argued that my blog tends to be a stream of conscienceness thing, written as close to how I talk as possible, and that I consider it a sort of vernacular version of writing. He told me, for what was probably the eighty-four thousandth time that use of profanity is a sign of a weak vocabulary. I DO NOT have a weak vocabulary. I consider myself quite the verbose vixen. I know what prolix, tautological, garrulous and loquacious mean. I also do not think my blog is a nest of profanity.
I went back through all my posts, starting at the begining. Here's what I found:
1: 26 words that COULD be considered profanity.
2: 16 words I wasn't allowed to say while living under my parents roof. This is counting each word individually. For instance, I used the word "ass" five times.
3: An over abundance of the word "sucks" or "sucked" that I will concede to remove from my vocabulary, not because it is profanity, but because it sounds immature.
4: The term "half-assedly" which I learned FROM MY FATHER, and refuse to let go of because it is one of my favorite "rickicisims"
5: Matt put up a comment with the word "shit" in it, doubling the times it has been used in this blog.
6: I have only used the f-word once. It was in jubilation after seeing Guitar Wolf live. Since Guitar Wolf is quite possibly the greatest band ever, I think I should get a little leeway in my expression for the sake of Rock-n-Roll. Bass Wolf would have wanted it that way.
7: I counted "pooped" as mildly profane, even though the two times I used it, it was as an adjective.
8: I feel I should be permitted to use the words "damn" and "hell" as much as I want, because I do not believe in damnation or in hell, therefore I could never be seriously damning anyone to hell, or in my opinion be damned to hell myself.
9: 26 words in four months is nothing compared to what one hears on television.
10: I am going to put my education to good use. From this point forward all blog swearing will be done in a foreign language. I will disclose the translations arbitrarily, and possibly not at all.
So there you go, Daddy. I hope I have made a strong case for myself. I stand by what I said last night. Chalk it up to literary license. My use of expletives is not excessive. My spelling is neither atrocious nor despicable. I AM the grammar girl, hear me roar. This is the way I write, and I'm not changing my style. When have I ever?

Bon Voyage Katie!

I went to Katie's going-away fiesta at Casa del Clancy tonight. Sue and Denny threw her an excellent party, all the St. Louis glitterati were in attendance. By glitterati I mean my folks and my in-laws of course. Mom had on a striking summer ensemble of melon colored t-shirt with matching butterfly flip-flops and her trademark abalone neclace. Dad was sporty in a polo, Maureen went for casual chic in a red tee and sandals. Carl is the most daring of the lot, that beard of his screams ZZ Top, but in a very hip way. I love my family.
Denny got this great idea to turn the old swimming pool in the yard into the "Sow's Ear Lounge" (as in " you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear) and enlisted Zach for help. They cleared out the wild prarie grass experiment that was the former function of the pool and spread gravel in the bottom. They then installed a medium sized Hoosier Hot-tub, an umbrella table, a 70s floral print glider, several lawn flamingos and a plastic palm tree from Big Lots. Sue threw up some christmas lights and voila! instant cabana-style backyard getaway. I was so impressed.
The party was a ton of laughs, and was going strong when I left at midnight. Katie leaves on Thursday. I hate to see her go, but I know spending this summer in New York will be an experience she will remember for the rest of her life. It will be a slightly more boring summer without her around.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

saturday saturday

I worked a split double today and man, was it ever dead! I'm thinking everyone was downtown at the ribfest (who wouldn't be?) and therefore not in The Loop.
I went to Star Clipper in between my shifts, got the newest Seikano manga and headed out to Jill's. I gave Sara her birthday present (giant-headed Inuyasha doll, she loved it. I will never understand grown women who collect stuffed animals, but I guess to each her own.) and played with the boys for a while, then I went back to work.
My barfood shift was looking fairly grim when several highly entertaining folks showed up to keep me company. Over the course of three hours I had a slightly tipsy Drew Bell, Lauren, a freshly pierced Emily, John G., Kimmie, Glenna and many drunken hungry types at my beck and call. After the shift ended I sat outside with Diana and April talking about April's wedding plans and Diana and James' upcoming trip to San Francisco. I miss April being at the comic shop. I wish I got to see more of her.
I should "hit the hay" as Daddy would say, I've got Brunch tomorrow.

Friday, May 27, 2005

How does your garden grow?

Big Herbs and Lettuces
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Quite well thank you. My cherry tomato plants are 27 inches tall! The lettuces have to be spread out because they need more room, the poor things are getting crowded. Everything seems to be thriving in this weather. I am still worried about too much shade in the yard. I may have to do some pruning myself.
Matt is leaving for a week in Chicago tomorrow morning at 4:30 am. He's going up to spend time with his sister, my sister, Joe and a bunch of English futbol players. He has tickets to the game, he's not really going to hang out with them or anything. This is the second time he's gone to Chicago to see a futbol (remember: only Americans call it soccer!) game. Matt is not the type of guy who is into sports. I usually have to explain what's going on at the baseball game to him, so this is a strange pheonomenon, this business of becoming a futbol fan. I know it's mostly Joe's influence, and I love Joe, so no harm done or anything, but it is just freaking me out a little.
Joe apparently, is having a blast up in Chicago, what with the guest-artist spot at a tattoo parlor in Joliet. I'm happy for him, I think getting out of St. Louis is the best thing for him right now, but I mean, yeesh- Joliet? It can get a bit depressing out in the suburbs. I hope Matt drags him around Chicago Proper. I hope Matt brings me back some comics!!
Enough about the boys, I'm going to have a nice relaxing time while Matt is gone. I plan to attend two barbecues and work as much as I can. I will also spend time with Jill and Sara and the boys. I will catch up on sleep and throw my socks on the floor.
Oh yeah, one other thing. Matt is taking the camera with him on vacation with him, so no decent photos for a while.
Whew! Longest post ever!!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Toni washing the wedding dress haul

She's gonna kill me when she sees I've posted a photo of her on the blog, but I don't care. This is only about three of the twenty-eight pounds we bought. We have to do this about ten more times. Next time I'll let her take a photo of me all bent over the tub.

two days off

Yesterday I went to Rock Star Rags with the BBh crew and a bunch of kids from Duff's too. Toni and I bought twenty eight pounds of vintage wedding dresses. We went to Crown Candy Kitchen for lunch and I for some reason thought it would be a good idea to have a chocolate malt and a grilled cheese sandwich. I should know better. My system cannot handle that much dairy all at once anymore now that the gall bladder is out. I was burping all night.
Toni and I spent several hours ripping out the seams of those dresses, hand washing them in woolite and oxyclean in the bathtub and sneezing our heads off from all the dust. Most of the fabric is in good shape. We are going to iron it out tonight and start cutting for quilts next week.
I had Naomi today, she took a four hour nap. I swear, that was the eaisiest babysitting job I've ever had.
Monica was supposed to do my hair today, but she never called me back. Urg.
I've finally decided what to do with the mermaid yarn I bought in San Francisco. I made up a really simple hat pattern and I'm planning on starting the knitting tonight. It's just a little square cap with a simple cable pattern and tassels on the corners. I saw something similar in a knitting book at some giant bookstore, but I could not justify spending fourteen bucks on a book for just one pattern. Stop looking so shocked. I do not buy every single book that crosses my path. Just every other one.
My cousin Ang just called and said she's coming to St. Louis this weekend for a Cardinals game. I'll get to see her for lunch. Happiness.

Monday, May 23, 2005

work work work

I did a double shift on Friday, got drunk (bad skate! no more shots! EVER.), did a split double Saturday and worked an amazingly busy Sunday Brunch. I worked my lunch shift today and then I traded Kimmie my Monday night for her Tuesday night. She has tickets to the baseball game tomorrow and really wants to go. I spent the evening with Sara and Jill. It's Sara's birthday, we had fajitas and cake.
I missed the Anima(l) X-p.o.e. on Saturday due to work. It was an art show my friend and former roommate (of the Cleveland House days) Kelsey LaPointe produced and directed. It featured puppetry, music and performance art. Kate performed her roadkill puppet theatre and I really wish I could have seen it.
I haven't taken many pictures lately. I have been writing a bit though. I'm working on a couple projects, mainly doing research right now for a book I want to write with Jill, about the histories of our families, and how they culminated in our friendship. I've been doing some internet research on geneology and tomorrow I'm going to the main branch of the city library to look up a few records I have some leads on.
Hazel is longing for a walk, but she's just gonna have to wait until tomorrow morning. I'm too pooped.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I cannot believe how wasted I got last night.

steve bobbi and me.
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I kinda remember taking this. Kinda being the operative word there. For some reason, I thought doing a ton of carbombs with Steve, Bobbi and Zach after my friday night shift was a good idea. I never drink shots, as those who know me can attest, and this morning I remembered why. The term "Massive Headache" would be an understatement. I managed to make it through my shift, and then went to Jill's to crash before I had to come back for my bar food shift at 9pm. I'm totally cutting hard liquor out of my diet. From now on it's just beer for me. Beer.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Annie's Birthday

This weekend my sister Annie came home for her birthday. We threw her a party at the Pin-Up Bowl, per her request. We drank some foo-foo martinis, we bowled, we ate cake ,we drank some more foo-foo things and a swell time was had by all.
Although I remember Aunt Patti being the champion bowler in the family, it seems she has been ousted from the throne by her daughter. Julie beat the pants off of everyone else. The fact that she wasn't drinking, in my opinion, is the reason she wiped the floor with all of us. Patti did come in second, which was quite a feat, considering how much she liked those Key Lime Pie Martinis Zach kept sending over.
Annie said it was the best birthday party she'd ever had. I miss my sister. I wish I got to see her more, but I am glad that every time we get together it becomes a memorable occasion.

Friday, May 13, 2005

morning garden in the sun

morning garden in the sun
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I took this photo with my coffee in one hand on the porch about an hour ago. It never ceases to amaze me, the speed with which vegetables grow from fragile, delicate fluffy little sprouts into gangly flowering recognizable edibles. The broccoli in particular makes my mouth water.
My chaotic weekend is about to begin. Mom's picking Annie (my sister) up from the airport as I write this. I'm waiting for Matt to get out of the shower so I can hop in. He's going to his youngest brother's graduation today. I have to meet Katie Clancy to drop off the lawnchairs for her big internship-culminating photo shoot, then go shopping with my sister (much more stressful than it sounds, sorry Annie), We have a wedding to attend tonight at 6pm and the reception after that. Tomorrow I have to make my sister's birthday cake, do more shopping and go to two birthday parties. Matt has to work the Mangia booth at Soulard at the crack of dawn, attend a Metropolis event with Bill in the afternoon and then he has to work at Blueberry again. Sunday we have brunch with the family and then back to work for me in the p.m.
As I was writing all this down I realized that I should quit bitching because this weekend is going to be so amazingly fun my head might pop off!!!
I hope Annie has fun, I have so many fun things planned for her party!!
Anyway, time to wash.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

the tiger is here.

I weeded the garden and did some laundry today, then took Naomi and Hazel to the park. We watched the neighborhood tweens double dutch like windup grasshoppers in matching khaki pants all afternoon. Made sweet potato curry and green beans with basmati rice when I got back inside, sweating like a maniac even thought it barely cracked eighty.
Sweet little Drew came over and made the computer happy. Maguro is running 10.4 Tiger and we couldn't be prouder. Drew also reformatted Haruko so she plays nicely with Maguro. I heart new OS!!! I heart Drew!! I am becoming an enormous geek!!
On that note, Shawna and Tara dropped by on their way to the City Museum for a quick bite (I made a lot of curry) and we bought tickets to go see Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith at midnight next Wednesday. Hooray!!!
Now I think I'll hook up the new printer/scanner/copier that Mom and Dad got us for an anniversary pressent which Matt is, at this pressent moment, unpacking. He thinks "it looks like the bad guys in the Matrix movie, floating shrimpy looking guys that electrocute everything... sentries, that's what they're called!" He's popping bubblewrap right now. I win the geek contest, try as he might, in all categories but beer.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dinner Party

Glenna and Kate
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Glenna had Kate and I over for dinner to celebrate our birthdays. She made chilled avacado soup, seared tuna with cilantro salsa and a coconut wasabi sauce and snow peas. We had some amazing stuffed peppers for desert. I just realized I forgot to ask Glenna for my leftovers! We drank wine, talked about books listened to music, what a fabulous evening!
Kate asked me to go to Martha's vineyard with her this August to lie on the beach and hang out with her Aunt Sandy.
I would like to spend more evenings like this. I'm hoping this is a preview of how my summer will be this year. I haven't had an outstanding summer in a while. Maybe I'll give that "family reunion" idea Kate was tossing around a second thought.

Monday, May 09, 2005


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Just had to include this. I know how the little guy feels.

the week in review

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So sorry about lack of blogging this week. Last time I posted was Thursday. Here's what happened since then:
1. Thursday: I got sick at work. Nothing too terrible, just the worst stomach cramps of my life. Yes, even worse than the pre-laparoscopic cholecystectomy stomach pain. I think it was the box curry I ate that made me ill, but I know I scared poor Paul half to death. Jessica did my checkout for me and Glenna came to take me home. I am greatly indebted to both of them.
2. Friday: I didn't work Friday night, due to the whole being sick thing. However I had reservations that afternoon for Tea at the Ritz with Mom, Toni and Helen for Mother's Day, so I put on a dress and a smile and we had a great time.
3. Saturday: I worked the slowest Saturday shift ever at BBh. I was still feeling a little wonky, so I didn't really mind the snail's pace. My folks went to a Kentucky Derby Party at Sunset in Brussels Illinois. I PROMISE to post photos of my mom in a ridiculous hat as soon as I can get my hand on them.
4. Sunday: I worked a hellish brunch on Sunday. The day dragged on and on and the mothers who came in were mostly sick of waiting so long for a table. (make a reservation already people!) Some rude guy kept smiling and telling me everything was fine with his meal and then complained to everyone else on the staff about the lousy service I gave him.
NOTE: If you don't tell your server that something is wrong, he or she has no opportunity to fix the problem, ergo IT'S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT if you are unhappy. Most servers will bend over backwards to make your dining experience an enjoyable one, but we need feedback from you, the customer, in order to do this. Whining to the bussers and the maitre'd only creates a stressful working environment for your server and exacerbates the problem.
5. Sunday Night: I came home and crashed out in an attempt to shake the cold or whatever it is that has been afflicting me since Thursday night.
6. Monday: I worked lunch today and took the cut tonight. I came home, spent some time on the computer setting up the flickr group for BBh employees. I sat on the backporch with a cup of tea and tried to read for a while. My neighbor Becky gave me some marigolds for my garden (they keep the bugs away) and then I talked Matt into giving me a backrub.
So there you have it, the week in review. Tomorrow I'm taking Alan's bike to Mesa to have it tricked out, spending the day working on the house and then having dinner with Kate and Glenna. Thank you for your intrest. Sorry about the rant.

miss priss

miss priss
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Hellen and I took Toni and my mom to the Ritz-Carlton in CLAYTON (fancy-schmancy!) for tea on Friday, since we could not go out on mother's day, due to my work schedule. We had a really good time, especially Helen who was a little antsy and insisted on sneaking all over the hotel to peek into conference rooms and explore every bathroom she could find.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

my life is boring

That's why there has been no news lately. I also have forgotten my camera on many occasions and have no cool photos to post with my inane banter. I'm sure you all don't want to hear about how I've been washing my dishes, doing my laundry, weeding the garden and paying the bills. I have no life right now. I am not depressed, just busy.