Monday, August 29, 2005

end of a beautiful evening

end of a beautiful evening
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finally, a photo from the wedding. I am so happy for these two kids. They are obviously very much in love with eachother.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

jason and alison's wedding

It was beautiful. Unfortunatley, the hotel I'm at has a weak wireless network and I'm having some trouble getting flickr to upload the photos I took. I just checked on it and it is definatley a system error within the hotel's network. so pictures tomorrow. Suffice to say, the wedding was short and sweet, the reception was at Alison's parent's home (which we walked to from the ceremony), the food was great (tofu! roasted vegetables! cous cous! cupcakes! s'mores!), and the bride and groom are really two of the sweetest people I know. I wish them all of the happiness in the known universe.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

is it tuesday again?

Today: I had lunch at Caribean Sun with Matt and Toni. We ran into Sarah and Amanda Jones, Katie Clancy, Brenda, Tasha and co, and Christine having lunch at the next table. Amanda's babies are beautiful. Then I went with Toni to get a haircut. We had coffee picked her kids up from school. Mom came over to drop off some things and to pick up some peaches. While she was here Amy-the-Mortgage-Lady came over with our refinance check. We are suddenly rich, relatively speaking.
Monday: I worked a double shift at BBH. I had a great lunch, even though Justin wouldn't share the fifty-top reservation. I think I out-rang him by two hundred at least, so that's what he gets for being greedy. The dinner shift was lousy, I was outside and had no tables for the first two hours. Jill showed up randomly, but I lost the coin toss and didn't get the cut. She sat outside and had a few beers with Matt until I got off work, then we went to McGurks for more beer and a singalong. I went home before she did and I am sure she's feeling it today.
Sunday: I worked brunch at Duff's, it was long and sticky, but I made good money. I got really frustrated with people who don't wipe off tables while bussing them, syrup is sticky and one swipe wiht a damp towel does not cut it. I watched the last episode of Six Feet Under, and it was very good, but the closing montage irked me a bit. I then passed out and got a solid ten hours of sleep.
Saturday: I picked up Nunu (Kate's dog) early so Stan and Rosemary (Kate's folks) could go on vacation. Hazel was thrilled. I went to work and did a long double. Matt worked the door for the Gavin Rossdale (his name my be misspelled, I don't know who he is. Matt kept refering to him as "Mr. Gwen Stephani", so I assume he's her husband) show, which was full of evil hooiser women who kept getting into fights and passing out and having the cops called. All night Mel and Becca were storming up and down the stairs growling to themselves. It was a very bad scene. I cut out as soon as I was finished working, came home and went straight to bed.
Friday: I worked with Mom and Katie on the woodwork for most of the morning and afternoon, got a lot stripped. I hosted at night until 8:15 when the hood above the grill blew. Billows of smoke filled the restaurant, the ac went out, ice machines and elevator all had some sort of problems due to the breakers being tripped. We had to cancel many orders and send people away due to lack of grill (cuz who comes to BBH for salad and cold sandwiches?) The shift did not colapse, Diana was in top form diplomatically. I think only one table threw a proper fit, and I mean, c'mon... what were we going to do? Really.
That covers the past few days. Tomotrrow is another day, hopefully it will be relaxing.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

stripped woodwork

stripped woodwork
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this is what I did today. the ugly maroon paint is becoming a thing of the past. katie clancy helped me peel long sticky layers of forty+ year old paint off my beautiful second floor woodwork. i ache all over from sitting and standing at wierd angles and from hauling plaster we removed from the bathroom down the stairs. i am too tired to even capitalize. i think i'll get up tomorrow morning and do it again. we signed the paperwork for the refinance tonight and the check is coming next week. i have been inspired lately, mostly by the good weather, to get a lot of work done on the house. the fact that i will soon be able to afford the bigger projects is helping me tackle the small ongoing ones with more energy. for instance, i know i'll soon be able to hang the drywall on the ceiling of the middle bedroom (pictured above) so stripping the front room doorframe doesn't seem as daunting a project as it did last week. it really helps that it is no longer 112 degrees on the second floor also. balmy weather for tomorrow, more naked woodwork coming soon.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

tuesday off work

crown candy kitchen
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Had lunch with Toni and the kids at Crown Candy Kitchen. I ate egg salad and half of a sundae. I consumed many buttered pecans.
Spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning house, and hanging out with Toni.
Matt tried, in vain, to rid us of the stupid Subaru that has been plaguing our backyard for two years. I came home and talked to Jill on the phone for twenty minutes before she said "I can't talk to you without using my hands. I'm coming over." She arrived in fifteen minutes and we continued our conversation on my back porch, unencumbered by phone cords. We drank two beers and Jill went home, and I, with this detour complete, am going to sleep.
Knitting pictures tomorrow.

Monday, August 15, 2005

humidity + my hair = super frizz

It's been raining for three days and the dampness is starting to take a toll on my hair. I am a fluff-monkey!

Saturday, August 13, 2005


I worked all day for bupkis. Bupkis, I tell you. All rain and mugginess forces the folks into air conditioning. No money for Skatie.
Today the post office returned half of my mortgage check and half of the envelope I sent it in to me in a plastic bag-like envelope. Apparently the fools mangaled my mail and now my mortgage payment will be late for the first time in three years. I plan to call the company on Monday and let them know this is not my fault, but I'm sure they won't believe me. Some people make late payments and ruin it for everyone else.
I got the yarn for Jessica's shrug from the UPS guy today. The post office folks should really take a leaf out of their book. Those UPS guys know what they're doing. Never got a single mangled package from them, no siree bob.
Drew's CD is still stuck in my computer and I cannot load my new Flogging Molly CDs onto my iPod.
I guess it's just not my day.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

new hard drive!

new hard drive
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okay folks, the fatal error has been dealt with. We now have a new hard drive in the mac. Everything is up and operational and running smoothly... except for one thing. One of Drew's cds got stuck in the computer. We've had this problem before, and we've payed to have it fixed before. I guess this means I'll be visiting the mac doctors again. There is only so much one Drew can do. He's really more of a software guy anyway.
I will be blogging regularly again now that I have a working computer. Sorry.
Doesn't my computer look naked in this picture?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Things I find on other people's blogs...

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This is supposed to be the Virgin Mary, as she appeared on someone's morning toast. Just wanted to share.

Temporary posting.

Pigeon with tomato plants
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Maguro, my computer is working for now, but I have been having so many problems lately I haven't been able to post. I need Drew to come over and put the new hard drive in soon. Here is a quick photo of my sweet little Pigeon in her new favorite hangout. I don't mind her being in the garden. She scares the squirrels away.