Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Anybody seen my camera?

I have knitting progress to show off, but I cannot find the camera. I guess flowery descriptions will have to do for now. Okay. I'm almost finished with Jackson's socks #3. They are dark purple cotton booties in a simple ribbed sock pattern with long leg parts, so they can be folded down. They are very thick and knitted on #3s so they are going very fast.
I started a pair of knucks from knitty and had to rip them totally out because I didn't estimate gauge correctly. Boys have really big hands. I'm bummed about having to start over, but it's best to get them the right size. I can't start the new pair til tomorrow, I have to go the yarn store for size 5 dpns. I will attempt to practice some form of restraint while there, but I'm not promising anything.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Why does everything smell funny?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

no news is good news!

Sorry for the long absence folks. I've been swamped with Derby, family obligations and work.
I have big news, which also kept me from blogging. I wanted to tell a few people in person and didn't think I could keep it out of the blog, so I didn't blog.
Here goes: I, like many of my co-workers, have recently become pregnant.
No really. We are having a baby, around April 10th.
Matt is happy, the folks are happy, even the dog is happy.
I'm stumped as to what I should knit first. Should I stick with socks and booties? Sweater suggestions? A blankie? Oh the possibilities!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Teaser post, teaser video!

Just a quick link for now, check out Lo-Fi St. Louis right now and you'll see the awesome video they made of our July 16th friends and family bout! And yes, Daddy, I am interviewed. Briefly.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Holler if you want 'em!

It's tomato season and I am experiencing overload. Let me know in person, by email (sarahk8queen at yahoo dot com), in the comments, however you're most comfortable. I have more fresh, ripe, organically grown roma and marglobe tomatoes than I can deal with. See?

Monday, August 07, 2006

Why we really need to start a "junior derby league."

I took the Hel-Kat to derby practice with me tonight. It was rather slow, so she got to practice with the girls more than usual. She did so well! She stretched with the girls, skated and did tricks with Sid Stitches, practiced falling and got to talk to her favorite derby girl, Ms. Lippy. Hel-Kat sings songs about her favorite derby girls. She has three derby girl songs now, one about me (!), one for Kix and a new one about Ms. Lippy that she made up in the car on the way home. Here she is, on the right, gearing up.
She also raced with Killer Tomato and told Teasel VonTramp all about her falling technique. I am very proud of Hel-Kat. She has been working hard and practicing skating all the time. We talked about the "jeerleading" squad that Kate Crime is organizing, and Hel-Kat expressed an interest in joining up. I'm glad she likes rollerderby as much as I do. Look at those stretches! On the lower right, she's doing arm exorcises. The girls who don't have weights use their skates instead, so Hel-Kat did the same. She even managed to hold one stretch longer than any of the girls, she was so proud.
I never got into sports as a kid. I played a little softball and a little soccer here and there, but Annie and Julie were the athletes in the family. I know I came to it later in life, but I am glad that I found rollerderby. It really is the perfect sport for me. I've been out of commission for the past few months, and that is really difficult, because for the first time in ages, this is a sport that I really want to participate in. I really want to get out there and skate, to knock into people, to practice knee slides and hip checks. I am very comfortable with my position as announcer. I think Brian and I do a good job with the back and forth banter, and we are going to get even better. I didn't have this in mind when we started the league, but I am happy with the way it has turned out. I'll just plan on training for next season.
I know I talk about derby, complain about derby, dream about derby, blog about derby constantly, so I hope you get the idea. I am truly passionate about this sport and totally committed to the women I play with and to this league.
Gosh, that turned into quite the little rant. Sorry about that, all you knitters. New socks and other projects tomorrow. Promise.

Monday Morning

Last night's ARRG league meeting went well. Mostly. It was half an hour shorter than last month's, but people still get frustrated at the end and I really don't appreciate the disrespect that is shown to the last two or three committee heads that speak. We only have these meetings once a month. We are trying hard to keep them tight and as short as possible, but at this juncture we have a ton of information to discuss, and we really need to stay focused. Some people need to just sit down and shut up and let the committees finish so we can all get out of there.
Okay. Done with that.
My garden is pumping out tomatoes like nobody's business, so all you STL knitbloggers, derby girls, and assorted geeks who read this, let me know if you want some Romas this week, and I'll deliver. The Marglobes and other heirlooms will be ready later in the month. I have okra and gypsy peppers in abundance too. Hooray for August heat, it brings such good vegetables.
Okay. Time to get ready for work.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Too hot. Too sleepy.

I haven't really been sleeping well lately. I'm running on average of about four to six hours a night. I try to get in a nap when I can, but in the middle of the day it is too hot to nap for more than twenty minutes. We got our electric bill yesterday, and it's sixty dollars more than last month's. I have no idea how this happened, since we have been making huge efforts to cut back on our energy consumption. I keep thinking of my dad turning off all the lights in the house and yelling "What do you think this is, Six Flags?" whenever we left the whole place lit up. Heh. It's funny what you remember.
The heat hasn't ruined the garden, in fact, it is high tomato season. I'm pulling about 10 Romas and two or three of the heirloom varieties out per day. Mattie and I have been feasting on tomato salad and yesterday I made salsa.
The heat has, however, ruined my knitting. The last things I worked on, yarnwise, were Julie's birthday socks. I sent them off a week ago. She recieved them and like them and I hope that once sock weather returns, she'll want to wear them. I cannot bring myself to cast on another pair, even a baby pair for Jackson.
Oh, wait, did you want to see a picture of Jackson? Okay. Here he is with his lovely mom, Aaron Maye. I must say, he is the cutest baby I have ever seen, and I consider myself a baby connisseure. He has the best toes ever.