Monday, February 27, 2006

I usually miss Sunday and Monday anyway, right?

I just realized that I didn't post anything about the Thursday ARRG benefit at the HiPointe. It went really well, and I forgot my camera, so I had no pictures to post. That may be why I didn't.
I've been kinda out of it this weekend, what with the Mardi Gras and all. Duff's was packed yesterday, and I crashed hard after work. No skating for me. I took the cut this morning, came home and took a nice nap with my boy.
I really need to get back on wheels because I am all stiff and sore in the legs today. I can't go to practice tomorrow night because of the BbH staff meeting conflict. I was planning on going to Rollercade early with Em and Susan, but I promised Annabelle I would come see her school Black History Month play, and I don't break promises to kids, so I'm going. I actually am kind of excited. I promise to take pictures of this event, and entertain all (three) of you with a lesson from the St. Louis Public School System on Black History.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Big plans for Saturday night

It's Mardi Gras weekend. Normally this means that Soulard is the busiest part of St. Louis and the rest of the city slows down until eight or nine at night, bar and restaurant-wise, when the mass exodus occurs and drunks swarm the rest of the city in search of boobies and 3 o'clock bars. Alas, they did not keep to just south of downtown this year. They were everywhere, even the Loop.
Lunch was slammin' at BbH today, I made enough money to hit the comic book store after work and purchase several treats for myself, regardless of the fact that this is mortgage week. Hooray, new manga and strawberry pocky!
I had a bunch of folks from out of town in my station today. All of them where here for Mardi Gras, which only proves my theory that folks are coming here instead of going to New Orleans, which makes me sad for New Orleans. I know they could really use the cash down there. Also, since Kate put in all that hard work on those floats for these past few months, I want everyone to see what a clever kitten she is. I'm going to call her this evening.
So yeah, my big plans. Here they are:
1. Pick up Matt from Bill's house, bring him home so he can get his car, wave goodbye as he drives said car back to
Soulard and into the fray. No crowds for me, thank you very much.
2. Read my new comics
3. Watch the Battlestar Galactica DVDs that Phil leant me
4. Make a "congratulations on the new baby" card for Vanessa and John Roman
5. Call Kate and wish her a happy Mardi Gras
6. Get to bed early.
My life is so exciting I can hardly stand it.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Hazel and I at the dog parade

sk8 & haze
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Matt logged on to the pet parade website and downloaded this. Some fancy costumes going on there. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I've been married to this guy for three years.

It's our anniversary. The third one. Matt made me antipasto for breakfast, bought new car batteries this morning, took me out to lunch at the Bottleworks, bought me a case of gingerbeer and let me watch Miyazaki movies all afternoon. I am so lucky to have found someone who understands me so completely. I'm going to lavish him with love and affection now.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Cranky, with hat
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Did you ever have one of those days that started out just fine and slowly descended into absolute chaos? I mean absolute chaos here, not just the regular kind of chaos.
Mom came over today to give us presents and to take the husband and I out to lunch for our anniversary, which is tomorrow. Mom is very nice and we love her to bits.
We went to Iron Barley. We were joined by Toni. We ate great food and had the Ballistic Elvis Sammiche for dessert. We were happily surprised when we saw Chris and Terry and Schroeder, who were also lunching at my favorite south side yummery. All was well and good with the world.
After lunch, Matt and I went our separate ways to take care of assorted errands. This is where the trouble started.
The mean guy at the recycling center decided to close early and wouldn't let me in to dump off my bottles and cans. This is no big deal, as I can come back tomorrow, but now I have a car full of garbage to haul around. And the guy was really snippy with me.
Matt went to Rosemary's to pick up the dog, and the battery in his car died. We left it in U. City and called Matt's youngest brother to see of we could borrow his car, (which is actually Matt's mom's car and she already said we could) and he got all snarky with us. Snippy and snarky people abounding.
We got the car and Matt went to work the door at rollerderby practice. I was at home answering my email and getting ready for the staff meeting at Blueberry Hill when I realized (thanks Emily) I had the date of the meeting wrong.
Hurray! I can go to practice, right?
I just went outside and my car won't start.
I think the battery is dead.
I quit. I'm going to bed. Tomorrow Matt and I will spend our anniversary buying two car batteries and emptying my car of garbage. It's nice to know the romance doesn't go away after three years.

Monday, February 20, 2006

seasonal affective disorder.

I went to the Barkus Parade with Hazel and the Rollergirls yesterday, and then I got drunk in the Krewe of Brew tent thanks to Scott from Schlafly, who gave me free beer tickets. I ate Mexican food with Zach and Matt, then slept all through practice.
I'm really cranky tonight. Work sucked all day long and Gary was rude to me tonight.
I think I may have seasonal affective disorder, a made-up-by-the-drug-industry psychological condition which makes people cranky and depressed in the wintertime. The drug people think I should take some drugs (Duh, of course they do) to help me combat this condition, but I disagree. I just want to go somewhere sunny and have some fun for a while.
I hate everything and I don 't want to work ever again. I don't know what to do about this. Maybe if I go to sleep I'll feel better tomorrow.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


I worked the kitchen tonight. The restaurant was hopping, servers were sliding in and out with their arms full for hours on end. Around eight-forty, James leaned over me and whispered "She's here. C4."
I spun around and stuck my head out the door. The air was thick with grease, the room was full of people waiting for tables, but I spotted her from two rooms away. She had the big brown eyes, the slight limp, the requisite smirk.
I went back to the line and continued working, trying to be as nonchalant as possible. My skin was tingling. My first assignment for the DHS, and I had no idea how I'd pull it off. I'd been tossing around several possibilities since this morning when I got the message, written in frosting on a jelly donut. Jelly donut. Hmm.
I grabbed a handful of shredded carrots and the salads for C4. Using all the stealth I could muster in the middle of a fluorescent-lit kitchen, I spelled out the code in vegetable bits on a background of spicy cucumber yogurt salad dressing. I only hoped she would decipher it before her dinner date got his nosh on.
I sent the salads out with my most reliable runner and tried to relax. It was out of my hands now. All I could do was wait.
Lucky for me the rush continued and I was able to keep my mind busy with the ladling out of soup, traying orders and the fanboy discussion going on between the frycook and the kitchen expo.
I ducked out of the fray about an hour later to down a shot of whiskey and pineapple juice with my coworkers. She was headed for the door when I came around the corner. Our eyes met for a split second; a glimmer of recognition, a quick glance at my apron, a tiny smile in the corner of her mouth.
"How was your meal, Miss?" I asked in my best "customer service" voice.
"You misspelled my name." She said, flipped her hair, and pranced out the front door.
I slipped back into the kitchen, knowing we could all sleep soundly tonight, and complimenting myself on a job well done.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Self Portrait Tuesday
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I spent most of Valentine's Day with people I love. Jill, Miles, Jasper, Matt and I went to Mangia for lunch. We hadn't been in since they opened the new side. It was very nice, and still totally Mangia.
It's unseasonably warm today. This whole winter has been warm. I tend to get a bit freaked out by that. I do not enjoy the cold, but it is a necessary evil. Seasons are good things, and when they start to disappear I start to think scary global warming thoughts and then I get all twitchy.
Roller Derby practice is tonight. I must end this post now, seeing as I need to boil my mouthguard.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Eldon and Kate dig around at RSR

Kate and Eldon came to town for the weekend. It is so good to have my pookie back with me. I cannot wait for the month of April when she is all mine a gain. I do not mind sharing her with the boy, but she was mine first and I need her too.
We went to Rock Star Rags this morning and Eldon found a cream-colored tux jacket, Kate got a buttload of dresses and I bought scarves. I also found some nice velvet for a crazy quilt I want to make. We went to Lemongrass for lunch and I had sesame tofu. Big Surprise there.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

New equipment makes me happy.

I put bunny stickers on it
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Here I am in my new rollerderby helmet. It fits perfectly. Apparently, I have a tiny head. This is a revelation to me. I had such huge dreadlocks for so many years and had to wear enormous hats forever, and now that the hair is gone I am back to actual size headgear.
I am so in love with this helmet. I wore it all day in the house. I put little black and white bunny stickers from a Japanese Loli-Goth magazine on it.
I am not so much in love with my mouthguard. I need to buy a new one because contrary to popular belief, I have a small mouth. I know my folks would want me to protect their investment (I was in braces for two and a half years), so I'm gonna get one of those fancy molded ones. Margaret and Lyndsay both like theirs.
Practice was good tonight. I stretched and skated for about half an hour, but I sat it out when I started to get winded. I want to be completely recovered from the recent plague before I get out there and give it my all. We have so many Rollerderby related events coming up this week, I don't want to over do it. I'm still taking it easy.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Suprise Morning Snow Storm

Suprise Morning Snow Storm
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I woke up late, around nine-fifteen. I was up a bit late reading last night, so that's understandable. The beasts wanted to go outside. I totally did not expect to see this. I had no idea we were getting snow, and it's the best kind too. It's all light and fluffy and soft and wet and everything looks like cake icing. I'm going to make some coffee and take some more pictures. I'd like to suit up and take the dogs for a romp, but I think I'd better not, with the recovery process not quite complete.


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god woman, you have the longest tongue ever.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesdays: Practicing my Derby Face

when I see you snarl
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I am on the mend! I went out and ran my errands, I drove myself, I was a productive member of society. I only have two days of antibiotics left and the swelling in my lymphnodes has gone down. I feel great!
Now, I really want to go to practice tonight and skate my ass off to make up for the fact that I haven't been on wheels in almost two weeks, but I'm not going to.
I'm gonna listen to my Dad, and take it easy.
I talked to Dad a couple of days ago and I think I was a bit snarky with him. See, Dad always tells me, when I'm getting worked up about anything "Now, take it easy Sarah." (Dad is one of the only people in the world who doesn't call me Sarah Kate or Skate. I like this from Dad.) So I'm on the phone, telling him about what was wrong with me and what the doctor said, blah blah. He tells me to take it easy. I get snarky. I tell him that I'm an adult and I don't go out all night drinking and partying anymore and I don't need him to lecture me. Then I hear myself. I sound like a defensive fourteen-year-old. Why am I being snarky to Daddy? Dad knows how old I am. He was there when I was born. He knows I don't go out all night. He is sincerely concerned about my health. He just says "take it easy" because that's what he says.
So I'm gonna listen to him, and take it easy. I'll still go to practice, but I'm not going to skate tonight. I'll stretch, and hang out and answer questions and take notes, but when it comes to the skating and physical exertion part, I'm going to take it easy.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Finally back to (Normal?)

I went to work today. I tried to go to work yesterday, but Karen sent me home. My lymph nodes are still swollen, but I have no fever. I'm going to the doctor to get a chest x-ray, which I promise not to post on the blog, due to the angry responses I got about the tonsil shots. You people really need to toughen up. A couple of infected tonsils are nothing compared to what's waiting for you out there in the real world: Mad Cow Disease, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, sour cream. These things are truly scary. My tonsils are just mildly icky. So that's all for now.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday Night Practice

Stretch those leg muscles
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We are getting serious now. Ken has us doing all kinds of drills to get us around corners faster, to fall correctly, and to skate faster. About sixty girls came to practice tonight. I was impressed. Everyone is getting so much better. Not that they were bad before, but because Ken is workin us hard. I sat out, because I still have the plague. I wasn't even going to come, but Barb was down for the count and "Somebody" had to watch the door. As league founder, I needed to step up and take responsibility. I've gotten so embroiled in delegating tasks to others that I think I need to get back to gruntwork. Also, I need to get back on skates. I've been out for a week and it sucks. I feel useless. I am really scared of getting cut from the league when the time comes. I cannot let that happen. I must succeed! I must become a scary derby girl! On wheels!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

finished object

Bad photo, good hat
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It's a hat. i'm not sure if you can tell in the picture. Matt took the photo, and I know it is weird, but I'm not quite up to photography right now. I love this hat. I made it for myself, out of red heart nasty acrylic (the color is called parakeet) and some of the most beautiful handspun thick and thin rainbow wool I've ever seen. we'll just call it the juxtaposition hat. I am happy that I actually got aomething finished while I've been "out sick."