Thursday, February 28, 2008


This is the photo I planned to post at the beginning of last week, back when I was excited about the snow. Now that it is all mushy and mostly melted, I'm over it. The snow, that is, I still like the picture. I've been introspective this month, sorry for not blogging. Josser has started crawling, and chasing a baby takes up a ton of my time too. I'm planning on knitting this evening after he's in bed, and I'm actually excited about it!
The end of February is upon us, lets take a quick look at those resolutions. A quick check up on how I'm doing, if you will.
1. Buy organic and local: Check
2. Choose recycled: Check.
3. Shop local/indie: With the exception of the occasional jaunt to Target, check.
4. Bike and walk: The weather has been a bit nasty for this, but this week I've gone for a walk almost every day, so checkish. I'll work on this one.
5. Vegan for February: Well, I did cut out meat this month. I've been vegetarian, mostly vegan this month. I'll try again in one of the summer months, when the fresh produce will make it so much easier.
6. Get cats chipped: Not yet.
7. Wax eyebrows: Avoid "cavewoman" look. I've been plucking. I did get a snazzy new haircut!
8. Knitting goals: Oooh boy. Matt's Knucks are the only thing on that list that's finished. I need to get my knit on.
9. Sewing machine repair: The machine is at the shop. Check.
10, 11. No one is getting or giving a hard time: Check.
12. Make gifts: Still working on that one.
13. Remember how lucky I am: Check.
14. Kiss the boys: Check.
15. Be gracious: Mostly check. Still working on this one.
16. Send thank-yous: Check.
17. No unproductive thinking. Mostly check. I'm doing really well with this.
18. Use the Library: Check.
19. Less time watching teevee: Check. I'm watching too many DVDs. Especially Heroes with Toni and My So-Called Life with Matt. I blame them, enablers that they are.
20. Work on upstairs: I'm giving myself a pass on this one, since we laid a new kitchen floor and this week. Matt's been working upstairs, can I rest on his laurels?
21. Weekly blogs: January was great. February, not so much. March will be better. I promise.
22. Take vitamins: Check.
23. Back down the driveway: Check.
24. Cloth bags: Check.
So I'm keeping about 15 of them. Not bad.
Now, here's the part where I distract you with pictures. Look at those cute boys and that awesome floor!

I love my kitchen!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I have not forgotten. I've just been bogged down. Short recap... sprout is crawling everywhere and can pull up to staqnding by himself. whenever this is accomplished, he roars like a dinosaur. I've started one of the halves of the fron t of his toxic cardigan, I really need to get pictures of that up here. Tornado came over for a sock knitting lesson and will return next week. I went to the dentist and the chiropractor. the vegan project is going well, but tonight I am going to St. Joan of Arc to have fish fry for dinner. MMMMMM Jack Salmon! wow, i'm boring.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow day!!!

St. Louis got a big blast of winter white last night!
I think the official call is eight inches.
That's eight inches of the fluffy white, snowball-ready, easy packing snow. The kind of snow you always hoped for when you were a kid. Beautiful, soft, wet snow. Sled-able snow. Widespread school closures snow. Total, all encompassing, snow day snow. We've got it today, and I even got up early to look at it and take pictures.
Joss had blast watching Matt shovel it off the front steps this mornig from the warm confines of our living room window. He loves to watch Daddy do any little thing. I wonder what he thinks happened. He seemed really excited this morning, but he might have just been picking up on my mood.

I'm looking forward to when he is older and we can go out and play in the snow together, like my dad and I did when I was little. I still remember building a snowman in the back yard with my dad one evening when he came home from work.
My boys were both so cute this morning, all bundled up against the cold. I dropped Sprout off at the in-laws' house and went in to work. I didn't stay long, we weren't very busy. Just stuck around long enough to take a couple pictures, of which this is my favorite. I know it's a bit crooked, but I love the way the snow looks on the banisters. I might go back and straighten it out in photoshop.
I'm starting my "28 days of Vegan" today. We are going out to dinner for Matt's grandpa's birthday tonight. I hope Frasier's is accommodating, but I think I may be having salad tonight.
On an unrelated note, Matt wants me to make him these for our anniversary this month. I'm fairly certain I can swing that, although I think they're more up Toni's alley than mine.
No knitting news, I have no time for such things. My house is a disaster area. I have to clean it. Now.