Wednesday, March 12, 2008

technical difficulties

The internets round these parts keep fading in and out at random times. I have an awesome post in draft form that needs a ton of editing and to have the pictures added, but I am unable to hold a connection long enough to do it. Today I'm calling Earthlink on the phone to holler at them until the connection is solid as a rock.
Matt is going to Target to buy a bath mat. Since this is our big plan for the day, we are officially no longer cool.
I am knitting a dropped stitch scarf of my own pattern. Right now it is just a plain old boring stockinette strip, so no pictures. I finally ripped back Toni's second sock and will hopefully have some time to finish it soon.
Josser is cruising all over the house and will probably start walking before his birthday. I was worried that once he starts walking he'll no longer be a baby, but will be classified as a toddler. My lovely Aunt Patti, who works in the baby industry, informs me that he is not considered a toddler until he is two years old. This is satisfactory.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Did I mention...

I love these boots. Love 'em. My birthday is coming up. My sister is trying to get me some with all of her super shopping powers.
I also love this little trinket and covet it with all my heart. No one is going to try to get this for me. I have come to terms with this and will wait patiently for the next (cheaper) model to come out.
Okay. Enough with the coveting.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Morning light

The morning sun reflected off the snow in the backyard makes the window look like a portal to another world. Josser ignores all of this, and focuses on his blueberries.
Did anyone notice yesterday that the silver beetle is gone from my yard? On Sunday Zach and Joe came over and got it running. Zach sold it to Joe and then drove it over to Joe's garage, where it will now live happily ever after. Also, it was 72 degrees on Sunday. 72! You gotta love St. Louis, sunny and 72 on Sunday, six inches of snow on Tuesday. Looks like Wednesday will be sunny, with six inches of snow.
Kate comes to town tomorrow, Chris and Evie arrive on Friday and I can't wait! C-O-M-P-A-N-Y!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

snowy morning

This is the view from the porch this morning. The ground only had a light dusting when I woke up around 7:30. All this has fallen in the last 2 hours. Oh no, Joss is crawling out of the high chair. More later, with pictures!!